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Göppingen Hotel I 2014

Projekt ID:14_06   Location: Göppingen                   Design: Nenad Popović, Senka Gojković, Ana Ilić, Marko Bilbija, Filip Biočanin, Bojana Zrilić

Location where hotel is planned is very attractive in the city, it is placed near Town hall with a nice park beside. Our idea was to connect these two buildings, in functioning way, hotel can use some of the contents of Town hall (restaurant, halls and the beautiful auditorium). In that way unused Town hall will be revived. Also, in hotel we have planned to put conference rooms, restaurant and spa center with fitness. Starting with a simple form, in which every three rooms make a block, moving them back and forward, we are getting interesting image from the facade, which we used to bring out different ambient of the rooms. Some of the rooms have terrace, some have loggia but there are some who have glass facade spreading through the whole height. The facade is planned to be made from the mosaic tiles, and their color is beige or white. We have achieved compact facade with stacking those tiles with colors that are relatively the same. Also some of the parts of the terrace will have wooden parts and brass.