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Kinderhaus Geislingen I 2013

Projekt ID:13_16   Location: Geislingen                    Design: Nenad Popović, Norbert Behringer, Nicole Stadelmayer, Senka Gojković

In project terms we have some restrictions, the North side of the object has to be on regulation line, which gives us space to form a big garden on the South side. On the West side, in front of the entrance, space is predicted for urban furniture and approach to kindergarten. On the first floor there are rooms for four groups, that are mutually connected with mobile panels, that allow connecting the space into unique whole. Big glass surfaces bring the ambient of the garden into the object. Children can go to the roof garden by stairs from the ground garden and they can continue their adventures on the rooſtop. The roof garden is conceived like an open space classroom where children can learn how to plant, water and cherish their plants. The rooms for administration are on the first floor as well as a room for events which is of multi-functional character.