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MFH Grabensrasse I 2014

Projekt ID:14_10   Location: Göppingen                    Design: Nenad Popović, Senka Gojković, Marko Bilbija, Filip Biočanin, Bojana Zrilić, Ana Ilić

The lot of this building is too narrow, so the main idea was to place communication inside of the building – one, main stairs are placed on the east side. This communication is common to all users. The other stairs are on the west side and that are stairs inside flats. Each flat is placed on two floors, because of the small base area. This way, two floors can combine into one flat of 80m2. In the building there are three flats, and the last one have a terrace on the roof. Between ground floor and basement there is half-floor. One, main part of the basement is used like office, while the rest of the floor is technical area.