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Public Sqare Sremski Karlovci I 2013

Projekt ID:13_11   Location: Sremski Karlovci          Design: Nenad Popović, Senka Gojković, Jovana Sunjevarić, Ana Ilić

Main concept of this project is development of city central area with its final purpose in transformation and modernization underutilized city and the surrounding area. With development of the central city structures our intention is to open up opportunities for revival of the potentials that the city Sremski Karlovci has. It's necessary to respect the traditional values of this place, considering that the all significant objects by which Sremski Karlovci are known are in the proximity. They represent the historical, cultural, educational, administrative and business center of the area. This cultural, historical entirety is unified properly by facilitating pedestrian zone that connects them.